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bug#3643: Bug#567083: emacs -Q doesn't fit on the user's screen

From: jidanni
Subject: bug#3643: Bug#567083: emacs -Q doesn't fit on the user's screen
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 19:23:16 +0800

Be sure to Cc: address@hidden I'm forwarding this for you.

>>>>> "EMZ" == Evgeny M Zubok <address@hidden> writes:
EMZ> I've just intstalled emacs23 with GTK backend from lenny-backports. Your
EMZ> problem is reproducible, but is not reproducible with emacs22 with Xaw3d
EMZ> backend. For some reason, toolbar is appeared too late, after the moment
EMZ> when emacs window has been exposed. When toolbar appears, emacs window
EMZ> is enlarged, its bottom goes beyond the screen boundaries, and IceWM

Yes, that's what I see too. (But of course it happens so fast.)

EMZ> doesn't try to change emacs geometry to fit screen area. But... is this
EMZ> IceWM problem?

I don't know, as I'm afraid to install other window manager stuff. I did
see it with LXDE+openbox too though.

EMZ> This is my explanation (just guess). It seems that at least in GTK
EMZ> version toolbar is not integral part of editor's window. When toolbar
EMZ> appears, Emacs23 tries to preserve editor area geometry (lines
EMZ> number). This leads to the changes in window size. On the contrary,
EMZ> Emacs22 with Xaw3d calculates a window size with toolbar before it will
EMZ> be exposed. I've run emacs22 -Q -geometry 90x99+0+0 with 800x600
EMZ> resolution, and the entire window fits screen height.

Thanks for your valuable input... at least it shows I'm not on drugs.

EMZ> FYI, Emacs23 also has Xaw3d backend. You can try it and verify is this
EMZ> emacs23-gtk-only problem.

All I have installed here are emacs23 and emacs-snapshot. I'm too scared
to mess things up to test anything else.

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