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bug#5512: Automatically saving and restoring an Emacs session in GNOME

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#5512: Automatically saving and restoring an Emacs session in GNOME
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:55:51 +0100
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Reuben Thomas skrev 2010-02-09 18.47:
On 9 February 2010 10:02, Jan Djärv<address@hidden>  wrote:
  Anyway, you have session suport compiled in and Emacs talks to
the session manager.

Do you have a directory ~/.emacs.d and is it writable?


  If you start emacs,
log out and then in again, do you have any session.* files in emacs.d?
Or any ~/.emacs.session.* files?

OK, the problem seems to be a bit more complex than I thought.

If I close down all my programs, log out, log in, start Emacs, then
log out and back in, everything works, and my session is restored.

If however I try to log out from a long-running session, GNOME says "A
program is still running: Emacs", and offers me the choice to log out
anyway, or to cancel the log-out action. If I ignore the warning and
log out anyway, then indeed the Emacs session is restored when I log
back in.

So in fact, my problem is really: why sometimes does Emacs refuse to
be killed? I tried for example starting an emacs client session, but
that didn't seem to trigger this problem.

In summary, it's a minor annoyance now that I understand what is going
on better, but it would be nice to work out why Emacs sometimes
refuses to die at first, althuogh it doesn't seem to matter if I just
log out anyway.

(I did come across another minor bug in the process which I'll now
file separately.)

This is usually Emacs not responding to the session manager, or taking too long time to do so. I have an idea about this, I'll have to check it out.

        Jan D.

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