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bug#5547: 23.1.92; nnimap not using .authinfo.gpg

From: Leo
Subject: bug#5547: 23.1.92; nnimap not using .authinfo.gpg
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 23:17:35 +0000
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On 2010-02-09 16:50 +0000, Ted Zlatanov wrote:
> That should work.  Please:
> - show your auth-sources variable.  It should be something like this:
> ((:source "~/authinfo.gpg" :host t :protocol t))

Yes. I didn't touch this variable.

> - set auth-source-debug to t and look in *Messages*.  Is it accessing
>   the .gpg file and opening it?  What values does it print for the
>   username and password?

Opening nnimap server on gmail-web...
imap: Connecting to imap.gmail.com...
imap: Opening SSL connection with `openssl s_client -quiet -ssl3 -connect 
Waiting for response from imap.gmail.com...done
Parsing authinfo file `~/.authinfo'.
auth-source-user-or-password: get (login password) for gmail-web (993)
/Users/PhD/.authinfo: 0% (0/139)
/Users/PhD/.authinfo: 100% (139/139)
auth-source-user-or-password: found (login password)=SECRET for gmail-web (993)
imap: Authenticating to `imap.gmail.com' using `login'...
imap: Plaintext authentication...
byte-code: End of buffer [4 times]
Quit trying to open server nnimap+gmail-web
Opening nnimap server on gmail-web...failed

> - try with port "imaps" and without a port

Where to set the port?



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