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bug#5570: Emacs C++ mode "ESC C-q" and TAB indenting issue.

From: Bob
Subject: bug#5570: Emacs C++ mode "ESC C-q" and TAB indenting issue.
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 14:52:31 -0800

As I work with text in C++ mode the indentation begins to deteriorate. For example, TAB on the class line wrongly indents it:


    template<class _Enum>

      class Build<TL::End,_Enum>


I work-around the problem by writing the buffer, killing the buffer, then visiting the file and re-indenting with TAB on the class line to get the expected indentation:


    template<class _Enum>

    class Build<TL::End,_Enum>


Same thing happens with ESC C-q.


My impression is there is internal state which doesn't get cleared as I work the text toward a syntax correct unit, causing incorrect indentation.  The bad state is ultimately cleared by re-visiting the file.


Sorry I can't come up with something reproducible.  


Has anyone else seen this issue?




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