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bug#5613: 23.1.92; mode-line-format is wrong for `about-emacs'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#5613: 23.1.92; mode-line-format is wrong for `about-emacs'
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 07:55:05 -0800

> Thanks, I've checked in a fix.
> BTW, please don't send to both bug-gnu-emacs and
> emacs-pretest-bug---they redirect to the same address, and 
> this creates two bug entries.

Thanks. Yes, it was a mistake (didn't realize it would create two bug reports).

FYI, this was due to these two things:

1. You have stopped posting Windows binaries.

2. The regression (bug #5299) in `report-emacs-bug' on Windows. (This was
reported in a previous pretest.)

Because of these two changes, I had to compose my mail by hand and use a build
from Lennart. That build does not use address@hidden' as the
destination; it uses address@hidden'. And I wasn't (still am not) sure
which address to use. So I used both, so you would understand/notice that the
bug is for the latest development code.

Between no longer providing Windows binaries and breaking `report-emacs-bug',
you certainly have made it harder for ordinary Emacs users (on Windows) to
communicate about bugs.

Which address is correct, or doesn't it matter? Thx.

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