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bug#5654: Even slightest scrollbar move warping point

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: bug#5654: Even slightest scrollbar move warping point
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 14:39:48 +0000
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Don't actually use the scrollbar very much, so not presently sure if this was just always the way emacs acted and I simply didn't notice, but right now (23.1.93), if you "move the scrollbar" a tiny bit (not enough to actually visibly scroll the buffer), the point warps to the top of the window.


* emacs -Q on X11, with gtk+ (debian libgtk 2.18.6-1) toolkit scrollbars:

place point somewhere other than start of buffer. (if you've just done emacs -Q, it'll probably be at the end of the *scratch* buffer anyway).

mouse-1 down on scrollbar. move even a tiny amount, not enough to scroll. If you've just done emacs -Q, it'll already be at the top, so you could just push it against the top, which you might not expect to do anything, really. Point warps to window start. This happens before
you mouse-1 up.

* emacs -Q on X11, with lucid with toolkit scrollbars: (i.e. 90s-looking 3d-effect scrollbar):

same as gtk+

* emacs -Q on X11, with lucid without toolkit scrollbars (i.e. flat looking scrollbar):

no warp on mouse-1, but of course mouse-1 means something different for these scrollbars - there is an immediate warp, but I think that's also different since these scrollbars immediately scroll to a location corresponding to the position on the scrollbar you mouse-2 down on. So this case might be irrelevant and it's only something that's happening for toolkit scrollbars.

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