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bug#5684: 23.1.92; russian-typewriter broken

From: Vasily Korytov
Subject: bug#5684: 23.1.92; russian-typewriter broken
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 18:10:39 +0300

Actually, the replaced keyboard layout was nor «Russian Typewriter»
(as referred by Wikipedia, MS Windows, X.org and so on), nor anyway

This was a very weird keyboard (it does not conform to _any_ standard,
it seems, it was written by some person and based solely on his own
opinion, what keys he would like in the upper row). Frankly, I'm
against resurrecting it because of this.

I don't mind resurrecting the old «russian-typewriter» keyboard as
«russian-dos» or «russian-legacy», but some work needs to be done to
make it conform to the actual DOS standard (numbers in lower case, but
different upper case symbols on the number keys). Unfortunately,
currently I don't own such keyboard or have specs for the layout. We
could make «russian-legacy» keyboard basing on the Xorg ru[legacy]
layout instead.

Semen, could you have a look on the Xorg ru[legacy] layout and say,
would that layout satisfy you?


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