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bug#5696: update

From: Paul Madden
Subject: bug#5696: update
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 12:51:33 -0700
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I was wrong that this only happens once per daemon invocation: I've been
noticing that, even with the same daemon process running, the first key input is
sometimes misinterpreted by "emacsclient -t file", printing weird characters in
the buffer instead of taking the action bound to the key. In this case, my F9 is
bound to goto-line, and emacsclient inserts "20~" in the buffer when I press it,
if it is the first keypress.

After this happens once, I can C-x C-x (or C-x #) to exit, "emacsclient -t file"
again, and F9 invokes goto-line correctly. I can do this several times in a row
without problem. But if I wait about a minute, not using emacs in the meantime,
and "emacsclient -t file" again, F9 misbehaves again.


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