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bug#5719: [patch] fix bat-generic-mode highlighting pattern for CLI swit

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: bug#5719: [patch] fix bat-generic-mode highlighting pattern for CLI switch.
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 22:18:19 +0200
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Pattern for highlight '/help', '/query', '/a' like
command line options currently does not require
leading whitespace char but MUST.

If you use Cygwin/MSYS from bat file you can type expressions like

  ls dir/sub-dir

and '/sub-dir' unfortunately highlighted as CLI switch!

Switch which start with - or + properly required leading whitespaces.

There exist one situation then you must highlight switch
exactly at start of line (and so there are no any leading whitespaces)
because this line considered continuation of previous line
if previous line end with '^' char.

But this not true for command.com and so unusual situation
so we can ignore it.

So in patch I just improve pattern for '+'/'-', which already
do job right.

Best regards!

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