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bug#5726: Lost functionality in buffer item in menu bar from 22 to 23

From: Drew Ames
Subject: bug#5726: Lost functionality in buffer item in menu bar from 22 to 23
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 12:51:47 -0400
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Hello all,

I've been using Emacs  22.3.1 on Slackware64_13 for several months.
I've been using Emacs since version 21.4 in 2005.

I decided recently to try Emacs 23.1. I compiled and installed it
correctly, but now there's a problem -- especially in text mode (e.g.
emacs -nw).

With Emacs 22, I can type "F10" and then "b" and I get the following
in a window above the minibuffer:

Possible completions are:
c==>*Completions*  *%              s==>*scratch*
b==>*Buffer List*  %
e==>emacs-windows-reference.txt    --  .../emacs-reference/
E==>emacs-reference  %  --  .../emacs-reference/
h==>~  %  --  /home/drew/          m==>*Messages*  *
n==>Next Buffer  (C-x <C-right>)   p==>Previous Buffer  (C-x <C-left>)
S==>Select Named Buffer...  (C-x b)
l==>List All Buffers  (C-x C-b)
- --------------------

With that, I simply select the first letter of the buffer I want and
Emacs switches to it and shows only the selected buffer.

With Emacs 23, if I hit F10 and b I get this:

- --------------------
Possible completions are:
n==>Next Buffer                        p==>Previous Buffer
s==>Select Named Buffer...             l==>List All Buffers
- --------------------

This is far less helpful. I then need to type l, which gives me the
buffer list in the window. If I select  a buffer, it switches to it,
but leaves a split window. The non-menu equivalent is:

C-x C-b
C-x o
<the letter of the buffer I want>
C-x 1

There's simply no point in using the menu with Emacs 23. I much prefer
F10 -> b -> <first letter>, like I do with Emacs 22.

Thank you,

Drew Ames
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