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bug#6428: 24.0.50; UNEXEC.OBJ not defined

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#6428: 24.0.50; UNEXEC.OBJ not defined
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 15:43:23 -0400
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john ffitch wrote:

> yesterday afternoon (about 1 hrs ago) I update emacs from bzr and it
> failed to build with undefined UNEXEC.OBJ.  bootstrap and configure
> did not fix.  This morning on a different machine I have the same
> problem.  src/Makefile has @UNEXEC.OBJ@ raw.

The string "UNEXEC.OBJ" does not appear anywhere in the Emacs sources.
Either you meant UNEXEC_OBJ, or your copy is bizarrely messed up.

What does `bzr status' say?

What does `grep UNEXEC_OBJ configure' say?
grep UNEXEC_OBJ config.status ?

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