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bug#6581: 24.0.50; `equal-including-properties' uses `eq' to compare pro

From: Christian Ohler
Subject: bug#6581: 24.0.50; `equal-including-properties' uses `eq' to compare property values
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2010 00:19:49 +1000

I just noticed that, in my current Emacs (, built from trunk a few weeks ago):

(equal-including-properties #("a" 0 1 (k "v")) #("a" 0 1 (k "v")))
=> nil

This is because these two strings both have a property with key `k', but the values are two different strings "v", and `equal-including-properties' appears to use `eq' to compare property values (I didn't verify this in the code). Is this a bug, or is it intentional?

For comparison,

(equal-including-properties #("a" 0 1 (k v)) #("a" 0 1 (k v)))
=> t

since `v' is an interned symbol.

My expectation was that, since `equal' is recursively defined in terms of itself, `equal-including-properties' should also call itself recursively on property values.


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