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From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#6493:
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 21:20:20 -0700

> >> I'm all for your suggestion. So now we have:
> >> "Returns the larger of point or mark, as a nonnegative integer.
> >> Raises an error if the mark is not set."
> >> Agreed?
> >
> > Yes, thanks.
> I don't have commit access, Drew. Could you (or anyone else) make this
> change now or are we waiting for more comments?

Someone else will need to help here.  I have no idea whether I have commit
access, but I don't know how to commit or otherwise use the version-control

I'm sure that sooner or later some kind soul will commit this. ;-)  Thanks for
working on it.

P.S. You might want to ask for commit access for yourself.  Dunno what the
process for that is.

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