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bug#3992: emacsclient and ssh on MacOS X

From: Steven Ihde
Subject: bug#3992: emacsclient and ssh on MacOS X
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 13:38:21 -0700

I experienced this problem too. I found that in my case the problem was caused by the setting of $TMPDIR on OS X.

When logging in at the desktop, $TMPDIR is set by launchd to some directory under /var/folders. This doesn't happen when logging in via ssh. Thus, emacsclient on an ssh session is unable to find a server started under a desktop session, because they communicate through a unix socket located under $TMPDIR.

To fix this, add something like the following to your .profile or .bashrc so it is executed when logging in via ssh:

if [ -z "$TMPDIR" ]; then
  export TMPDIR=`getconf DARWIN_USER_TEMP_DIR`

This will set TMPDIR to the same per-user directory as when logging in on the desktop.

This fixed the problem for me.

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