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bug#6677: 24.0.50; NS variant cannot copy to pasteboard correctly

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: bug#6677: 24.0.50; NS variant cannot copy to pasteboard correctly
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 23:18:56 +0100
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On 20/07/10 11:13, Peter Dyballa wrote:

Although it obviously works to copy some text in an X client or in a Mac
OS X application and paste it into the *scratch* buffer it does not work
to mark some text in any buffer of the NS variant and either use the
Copy entry from the Edit menu or just press ⌘-C (Cmd-C) and insert
(paste) it into the X client or a Mac OS X application (the name of the
application in the  bar only flashes, because some bad content, not
fitting into the text pane, is held in pasteboard?).

My MacOSX/GNUStep/ObjC, while not quite non-existent, is not amazing.

But it looks to me like src/nsselect.m needs some adjustment so it can handle recent changes to defaults (and N.B. in fact to handle settings that have been possible for a long time)

It looks like it has been mapping NSGeneralPBoard (the macosx "normal" cut/copy/paste clipboard) to an emulated X11 PRIMARY, when in fact NSGeneralPBoard is much more closely analagous to X11 CLIPBOARD.

*** Since x11 emacs is now actually using X11 CLIPBOARD, it is likely that the attached _untested_ but minor patch or something very like it is correct on nextstep.

Can you try building an emacs with the patch on macosx?

Note that even with the patch applied, it may not act quite the same as before, but that is not necessarily a bug but rather a change.

(N.B. it should be possible to get historical behaviour back (even though looking at nsselect.m it was probably a bit odd) by twiddling customizations).

Additionally double-click to mark a word is interpreted as
<down-mouse-1> <mouse-1>, bound to mouse-drag-region. I don't think that
this is desirable...

N.B. Mouse-drag-region calls mouse-drag-track which calls mouse-start-end to _implement_ double-click to mark a word, perhaps not intuitively given the name. So does double-clicking nonetheless actually mark the word on NS?

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