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bug#6705: w32 cmdproxy.c pass args to cygwin; erroneous charset conversi

From: Laimonas Vėbra
Subject: bug#6705: w32 cmdproxy.c pass args to cygwin; erroneous charset conversion (problem description, solution/suggestion)
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 15:31:44 +0300
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Below is a comment that i wrote for myself in the cmpdproxy.c (it explains the problem). I have a half (i suppose -- portable enough) of working solution/fix for it using MultiByteToWideChar API function, but i won't send a (partly working) patch, unless someone from the developers who agree with the problem and intend to fix it will ask for it.

Besides, the patch itself is larger than 10 diff lines and it uses (duplicates by copying) some helper functions/declarations (open_input_file(), close_file_data(), rva_to_section(), w32_executable_type, RVA_TO_PTR) from unexw32.c, so it may need some code refactoring.

This problem certainly needs some discussion (how best to solve it) because it addresses unicode communication aspects/issues. If some won't bother reading all the description, then here is a simple question -- how do one can/should (clearly) pass utf-8 arguments to an external (cygwin) app on windows? I suppose, now it's not possible.

Thank you for your attention.

/* When calling cygwin executable we need to explicitly convert utf-8
   arguments (it's encoding yhat Emacs uses internally and passes args to
   external commands, when coding-system-for-write is nil) to utf-16 and
   call unicode (wide) API function CreateProcess(W).
   That needs to be done, because of this transcoding chain which
   migth (and it definitely WILL if args contains unicode, i.e. non
   ascii/locale_charset character) result in corrupted args:

   WINAPI/OS layer:
   multibyte string args (utf-8) -> CreateProcessA():
   locale_codepage -> unicode (utf-16)


   CYGWIN layer:
   unicode (utf-16) <-> utf-8 ->
   cygwin locale env (LC_XXX, LANG; default: C.UTF-8)

   Example #1:
   utf-8 string 'žą'; 'ž'(0xC5, 0xBE) 'ą'(0xC4, 0x85) transcoding
   (to cygwin locale env charset) chain:

   converting #1:
   locale_codepage (lt, LCID: 1063, ansi/oem cp: cp1257/cp775) -> utf-16;

   utf-8 string 'žą' in locale codepage (cp1257) represenation: 'žą'
   'Å'(0xC5), '¾'(0xBE), 'Ä'(0xC4), '…'(0x85).

   string converted to utf-16: 'žą'
   U+00C5(Å), U+00BE(¾), U+00C4(Ä), U+2026(…).

   utf-16: 'žą': 'Å'(U+00C5), '¾'(U+00BE), 'Ä'(U+00C4), '…'(U+2026).
   utf-8 : 'žą': 'Å'(0xC385), '¾'(0xC2BE), 'Ä'(0xC384), '…'(0xE280).

   converting #2:
   utf-16/utf-8 -> cygwin locale env (LANG = lt_LT.cp1257);

   utf-8 string 'žą' (0xC3, 0x85, 0xC2, 0xBE, 0xC3, 0x84, 0xE2, 0x80)
   converted to cp1257: 'žą' (0xC5, 0xBE, 0xC4, 0x85)

   cp1257 string 'žą' in utf-8 representation: 'žą'; 'ž'(0xC5BE), 'ą'(0xC485)

   Although string was (should be) converted to cp1257 (according to
   cygwin locale env variables), its original value ('žą'), after transcoding
   to cp1257 (in cp1257 representation as it should be), is corrupted and indeed
   passed args are (were preserved) in utf-8 encoding.
   It's important to note that such "original value preservation" happens
   only because of successful circumstances, when we are converting to windows
   locale codepage/charset and arg string (utf-8) in  windows locale
   representation doesn't result in some unconvertible character/combination
   (e.g. undefined characters) and it's possible to convert back (from 
   to locale charset). Corruption _always_ occurs  if we ar converting to other 
   codepage/charset than the current windows locale codepage.

   Consider unsuccessful/erroneous conversion example:
   utf-8 string/character 'ĥ' (U+0125) passed to cygwin (utf-8):

   utf-8 string 'ĥ'(0xC4A5) in locale codepage (cp1257) representation: 'Ä'
   (0xA5('') is undefined in cp1257 and it doesn't map to unicode)

   converting #1:
   locale_codepage (lt, LCID: 1063, ansi/oem cp: cp1257/cp775) -> utf-16;

   utf-8 string 'ĥ' in cp1257 representation: 'Ä'

   string converted to utf-16: 'Ä' (0x00C4, 0xF8FD)
   0xA5 (cp1257) is mapped to 0xF8FD in Unicode (Private Use Area Range: 

   utf-16: 'Ä': 'Ä'(U+00C4), ''(U+F8FD)
   utf-8 : 'Ä': 'Ä'(0xC384), ''(0xEFA3BD)

   converting #2:
   utf-16/utf-8 -> cygwin locale env (LANG = C.UTF-8);

   utf-16 string 'Ä': 'Ä'(U+00C4), ''(U+F8FD)
   converted to utf-8: 'Ä': 'Ä'(0xC384), ''(0xEFA3BD)

   So, original string value 'ĥ' is transcoded to an invalid 'Ä' although that
   shouldn't happen (as no conversion is supposed; neither implicitly, nor

   Concluding all: erroneous conversion _always_ occurs, when we are converting
   to codepage/charset other than the current windows locale codepage, although
   corruption might occur even if we are not supposed to convert at all
   (just pass utf-8 encoded arguments).


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