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bug#6602: [PATCH] make dist target for Windows

From: Christoph
Subject: bug#6602: [PATCH] make dist target for Windows
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 19:14:44 -0600
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On 7/22/2010 4:01 AM, Juanma Barranquero wrote:

- new parameter for configure.bat to provide path to distribution files, for 
example libXpm.dll

Perhaps you could mention in the docs that it accepts wildcards (at
least, it worked for me once I switched from backslashes to forward
slashes on the argument).

Can you post an example, please?

- README.W32 relocated to nt/ directory (from admin/nt)

AFAICS, you've copied it, not relocated it. admin/nt/README.W32 still exists.

Yeah, I was going to propose this before doing any cleanup. README.W32 should be removed. I will add that to the patch.

- makefile.w32-in contains new target install-shortcuts to invoke addpm, so no 
short cuts are created when packaging

I like this change because I will be able to use "make install-bin"
and bypass addpm altogether. Great. :-)

I like it, too. ;)

- new file zipdist.bat in nt/ which replaces makedist.bat from admin/nt. 
zipdist invokes 7zip to create the zipped binary distributions and verifies 

Does make sense to keep admin/nt/makedist.bat?

No. Same deal as with README.W32. I will add it to the new, updated patch.

Thanks for the comments.

I will send an updated patch tomorrow.


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