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bug#6720: battle with x-clipboard vs. Chinese

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: bug#6720: battle with x-clipboard vs. Chinese
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 04:58:22 +0100
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On 25/07/10 02:28, address@hidden wrote:
And the most scary thing of all is now things that I kill with C-k in
emacs are not necessarily what Shift-Insert will now paste in xterm.

This is a likely separate issue to the encoding problem and expected behaviour. Recently a decision was made to make emacs act more like and play nicer with more recent x11 applications in the area of cut and paste. xterm is ...not a recent application in this respect.

Things killed in emacs presently go to the _system clipboard_, but Shift-Insert in xterm inserts the "x11 primary selection" (unless you reconfigure it to use the clipboard).

The below does not directly address encoding problems (though step 3 will mask the known encoding bug):

*** The new settings are only a revised default, you can still reconfigure emacs to act like it used to. This will mean it won't work well with more recent x11 applications anymore, much like the way xterm doesn't work well with them. Of course, you may not care.

1. M-x customize-group killing

Turn off x-select-enable-clipboard
Turn on x-select-enable-primary
Turn off select-active-regions

2. M-x customize-group mouse

Turn on mouse-drag-copy-region

3. Add the following to your ~/.emacs:

(global-set-key [mouse-2] 'mouse-yank-at-click)

**** various forms of xterm reconfiguration are also possible, though may not prove satisfactory. Using gnome-terminal (or xfce4-terminal or konsole, etc.) might be a better option.

Firstly, you can easily make xterm use the clipboard, but then it uses it all the time: Hold down ctrl and middle mouse button on the xterm window. Select menu option "Select to Clipboard". If you like that, making that permanent involves setting X resource XTerm.selectToClipboard as per the xterm manual.

http://www.davidsimmons.com/soft/xtermhacks/#copynpaste has another take on the problem with xterm in this area, and offers some more advanced hackery for changing xterm's behaviour.

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