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bug#6735: `url-http-wait-for-headers-change-function' message when old-h

Subject: bug#6735: `url-http-wait-for-headers-change-function' message when old-http not useful
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 16:50:09 -0400

With the function `url-http-wait-for-headers-change-function' in url/url-http.el
when `old-http' is t we are messaged as per following branch:

| (if old-http
|    (message "HTTP/0.9 How I hate thee!")

This message has no meaningful use value for users.  It should be sent
to *URL-DEBUG* buffer as per `url-debug' insetead e.g.:

| (if old-http
|     (url-http-debug "HTTP/0.9 How I hate thee!")

This would seem reasonable esp. as the relevant `url-http-debug'
message may not always get triggered if we've fallen into the debugger
before following conditional has a chance to trigger.

| (old-http
|  ;; HTTP/0.9 always signaled end-of-connection by closing the
|  ;; connection.
|  (url-http-debug
|   "Saw HTTP/0.9 response, connection closed means end of document.")
|  (setq url-http-after-change-function
|        'url-http-simple-after-change-function))


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