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bug#6688: Acknowledgement (23.2; Auto-fill broken in C/C++ modes.)

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#6688: Acknowledgement (23.2; Auto-fill broken in C/C++ modes.)
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 09:23:08 +0200
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>> OK.  So the warnings ...
> Hey, stop turning up the guilt machine!  They suddenly "appeared" with
> either Emacs 22 or Emacs 23 (I can't remember any more) because of more
> rigorous checking by the byte compiler.
> Ask me nicely?  ;-)  They're the sort of problem which never seems high
> priority to fix, yet definitely needs doing.  All together there are
> about 55 warning messages to fix.  It would probably take an evening to
> do so.  Give me a few days!

Sorry.  It's the first time I had a closer look into compiler warnings
for some time and I thought they might be related to the change at hand.
Looking at compile logs is currently much too confusing for me with all
the save-excursion/set-buffer warnings.

The only thing about cc-* that really annoys me is an "old-style
backquotes detected!" warning I get when I load cc-menus.el (don't ask
me why I load it, I need the functionality somewhere).

In any case I think you can check in the fix for 6688 now ;-)


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