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bug#6689: 24.0.50; No primary selection

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#6689: 24.0.50; No primary selection
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 17:39:29 -0700

> >> It is easy to revert to the old settings, as you must have gathered
> >> by this stage.
> >
> > Great.  Then please do revert Emacs to the "old" settings, 
> > and remove these regressions as soon as possible.  Then we
> > can all discuss possible improvements, if you like.
> No, thanks.  The selection changes are missing some final pieces, but
> the problem is not serious enough to warrant reversion.  It 
> is better to leave the development sources in place whil the
> wrinkles are ironed out.

That's fine too.  I have lots of patience for bugs being fixed.  It's
frustrating that it is not clear which are bugs and which are intended changes.

When I mention a problem, such as not being able to yank text into a different
session, I'm told how I can customize Emacs to get the missing behavior.

That does not give the impression that this is recognized as a wrinkle that
needs to be ironed out.  That gives the clear impression that a change to the
default behavior is being made and users will need to customize Emacs to get
back the old behavior.

It is only to that kind of change (intentional) that I am reacting - not to
problems ironing out wrinkles.  I reported a wrinkle and was told (IIUC) that I
will need to customize Emacs from now on if I don't like that behavior.

> Thanks for your patience.

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