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bug#6811: [PATCH] emacs-23.2 on hpux

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: bug#6811: [PATCH] emacs-23.2 on hpux
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 16:42:01 -0400
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Jan Djärv <address@hidden> writes:

> Dan Nicolaescu skrev 2010-08-09 11.47:
>> "Peter O'Gorman"<address@hidden>  writes:
>>> -#define HAVE_TERMIO
>>> +#define NO_TERMIO
>>> +#define HAVE_TERMIOS
>> I'll check these in.  The last hunk is especially interesting, as hpux
>> was the last platform to use HAVE_TERMIO, so that will allow for a lot
>> of simplifications in the code...
> This must have been a leftover from a very old HP-UX.  AFAIK, HP-UX
> has had termios since HP-UX 7 or 8.

How about this code from systty.h:

/* EMACS_HAVE_TTY_PGRP is true if we can get and set the tty's current
   controlling process group.

   EMACS_GET_TTY_PGRP(int FD, int *PGID) sets *PGID the terminal FD's
   current process group.  Return -1 if there is an error.

   EMACS_SET_TTY_PGRP(int FD, int *PGID) sets the terminal FD's
   current process group to *PGID.  Return -1 if there is an error.  */

/* HPUX tty process group stuff doesn't work, says the anonymous voice
   from the past.  */
#ifndef HPUX
#endif /* HAVE_TERMIOS */
#endif /* TIOCGPGRP */
#endif /* not HPUX */

can the HPUX special case be removed now? 

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