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bug#6846: Bug report

From: Morris W. Hirsch
Subject: bug#6846: Bug report
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 12:28:32 -0500
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This  used to work, but recently stopped working:

 From EMACS TUTORIAL line 375:

"You can also kill any part of the text with one uniform method.  Move
to one end of that part, and type C-@ or C-<SPC> (either one).  (<SPC>
is the Space bar.)  Move to the other end of that part, and type C-w.
That kills all the text between the two positions.

>> Move the cursor to the Y at the start of the previous paragraph.
>> Type C-<SPC>.  Emacs should display a message "Mark set"
   at the bottom of the screen.
>> Move the cursor to the n in "end", on the second line of the
>> Type C-w.  This will kill the text starting from the Y,
   and ending just before the n."

I've done exactly that. 
No text is killed. All that happens is a minibuffer appears containing
the message. 

"The mark is not active now"

Morris W. Hirsch
7926 Hill Point Road
Cross Plains, WI 53528-9350

Phone:  (608) 798-3814 
email:  address@hidden

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