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bug#6889: alt-q changed behavior in LaTeX mode with comments

From: Pietro Belotti
Subject: bug#6889: alt-q changed behavior in LaTeX mode with comments
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 10:30:47 -0400
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I have been using emacs for a while, and there seems to be one change that is giving me some trouble with LaTeX documents: in previous versions of Emacs, when justifying text after a comment, the text got justified without being commented. That is, if the cursor is on "bar" in the following text:

% foo

and I hit Alt-Q, nothing happens (I just verified it on Emacs 21.4.1). On my new laptop, with Emacs 23.1.1, the result of the same operation would be

% foo bar

which is not what I wanted since I just wanted to justify the text from "bar" on. If I separate the two initial lines, clearly this doesn't happen, but it would also create a new paragraph. I was wondering if this is a feature or if there is any way to have it behave as it used to.

Thanks very much in advance.
Pietro Belotti

Pietro Belotti
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University
Clemson SC 29634
Phone: 864-656-6765
Email: address@hidden
Web:   http://myweb.clemson.edu/~pbelott

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