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bug#6938: Emacs, wrong forced encoding in x-win.el?

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: bug#6938: Emacs, wrong forced encoding in x-win.el?
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 19:04:48 +0200
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Am 30.08.2010 18:33, schrieb Jan D.:
On 2010-08-30 17:52, Stefan Monnier wrote:
place.  I don't think anybody would notice if Emacs removed all
cut-buffer code.

Why don't we try?

I'm on it.

    Jan D.

Hi Jan,

let me remark though, while tracking the execution of the copy- and yank-back functions, have seen that form mentioned in use several times.

As I'm no expert in that matter, didn't object you closed the bug.

However, as far as I've seen it, it's far from out-of-use.


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