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bug#6956: 24.0.50; pasting mouse selection in other session pastes only

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#6956: 24.0.50; pasting mouse selection in other session pastes only first word
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2010 08:06:19 -0700

> I agree that this is confusing.  So maybe we should decide that a
> "drag", for the purpose of mouse-drag-copy-region, does not include
> extending the selection with whatever means.  Then, to pacify users
> who want Emacs 23 behavior, we will need either (a) introduce a new
> option, nil by default, which, when set non-nil, will copy selected
> text to the kill ring, or (b) decide that this is a Windows-only
> issue, and resolve it with a Windows-specific option with the same
> effect as in (a) above.

Whatever you do, please do make it easy to restore the pre-24 behavior. That is
the EMACS behavior - the behavior that Emacs has long/always had (since it
introduced mouse support?).  It is not just the "Emacs 23 behavior".

FWIW, though I seldom use Emacs on X Window these days, I used it for well a
over a decade and I do not recall pasting with mouse-2 after selecting multiple
things (words, lines, whatever) using mouse-1 + mouse-3 (or using any other
mouse-selection method, for that matter) ever having done anything other than
paste the entire selection.  Including pasting between Emacs sessions.  I do not
believe this sane behavior is/was Windows-only.

IMO, when mouse-pasting after mouse-selecting, no one would ever want what is
pasted to be something different from what s?he had selected.  The meaning of
"drag" is irrelevant in this regard (though it might be relevant to some
function names or code comments).

What you select should be what gets pasted.  Period.  That has always been the
case, and it should always be the case, even if in your quest for progress (or
standards conformity) you relegate it to some non-default, optional behavior.

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