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bug#6956: 24.0.50; pasting mouse selection in other session pastes only

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: bug#6956: 24.0.50; pasting mouse selection in other session pastes only first word
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2010 05:48:51 +0100
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On 05/09/10 04:09, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

What will this do in the use-cases described by Jan, where the
selection is extended by shift-arrows, before hitting mouse-3?

Jan D. wrote:
> what about the case when you start with shift-select on a few
> characters and then extend with mouse-3, is that a mouse drag to be
> copied when mouse-drag-copy-region is t?

When mouse-drag-copy-region is t, it will copy the new region at mouse-3 time (it does not somehow make keyboard shift-selection itself do a mouse-like copy...)

This is similar to older emacs behaviour for C-SPC active regions,
which would copy on mouse-3 extension of a C-SPC active region.

Jan D. wrote:
> Or double click word, shift select to extend, mouse-3 to extend and
> then shift select to extend, what goes into kill ring then?

This is more problematic when mouse-drag-copy-region is t, what it will do is copy the region at double-click time, not copy at shift-select extension time, then replace-copy at mouse-3 time, then the subsequent shift-select won't replace-copy the additionally altered region.

Now, maybe there is something more sensible that could be done, but what is the best behaviour for mixed keyboard/mouse/keyboard/mouse selection extension if you've just explicitly asked for mouse selections to do one thing and keyboard selections another?

I wouldn't bet there's a large overlap between people who like shift-selection and like mouse-drag-copy-region=>t in the first place, but possibly the "copying-ness" could be somewhat sticky, so once it copies owing to region change by mouse, it keeps replace-copying on each subsequent region extension whether by mouse or keyboard in the same activation? Yeesh.

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