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bug#6996: Acknowledgement (`byte-compile-report-ops', `byte-code-meter',

Subject: bug#6996: Acknowledgement (`byte-compile-report-ops', `byte-code-meter', `byte-metering-on', what are they?)
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 03:30:23 -0400

> I have no idea what it does,

If you don't I doubt few others do either, maybe Jim Blandy?

> but since it is not on by default since 1991,

That's nearly 20 years ago!

> and is not documented anywhere, I don't see it as a bug if it
> doesn't do whatever it is supposed to do.

Its a bug b/c bytecomp.el exposes/provides it.

> At the worst it is dead code that could be deleted.

At the very least there must be _some_ reason the code has
persisted... Hence, my tepid curiosity.


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