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bug#7004: 23.2; In fullscreen mode, the echo area takes too much vertica

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#7004: 23.2; In fullscreen mode, the echo area takes too much vertical space
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 16:14:55 +0200
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2010-09-10 14:39, Stefan Monnier skrev:
in to it so it shows up at the botton as unused space.  Any window height
that isn't an integral of the font height will show like this.
There is no bug here,

It's clearly not a feature, so I'd qualify it as a bug.
The bug being that Emacs's display code insists on using "character
cells" as measuring unit.  Kim had started working on lifting this
restriction, but I don't know if anything came out of it,

That doesn't matter. When you say to the window manager to put Eamcs in fullscreen, the height will be 1024 pixels (if that is what you have). And there will be a remainder that is not zero. What do you purpose Emacs does with this extra space? Even if we don't have any restrictions, we can't display a line in this leftover space.

AFAIK, the restriction to be removed is more about scroll bar width, tool bar and menu bar heights and so on has to be a multiple of the character width/height.

        Jan D.

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