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bug#6256: 24.0.50; read-event in `repeat' command

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#6256: 24.0.50; read-event in `repeat' command
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 09:06:38 -0700

> If you want to test for yourself, then:
> 1. Load the Bookmark+ files (see below).

Forgot to mention that you will need to uncomment this code in bookmark+-1.el:

;;   (define-key bookmark-map (vector (list mouse-wheel-up-event))
;;     'bmkp-next-bookmark-this-buffer-repeat)
;;   (define-key bookmark-map (vector (list mouse-wheel-down-event))
;;     'bmkp-previous-bookmark-this-buffer-repeat)

> 2. Use C-x p RET at several places in a file to create some bookmarks.
> 3. Use C-x p <up> <up> <up>... (or <down> <down>...) to cycle 
> among the bookmarks.  You will see a message showing the position at 
> each bookmark visited.
> 4. Now try C-x p followed by repeated mouse-wheel down or up 
> movements.  You should see the same movement to each bookmark
> in turn, and the same position messages.  With your code the wheel
> repetition does not work.  With the code I sent it does work.
> This is the `while' condition I sent (again):
> (while (let ((evt  (read-event)))
>          (and (equal (event-basic-type evt)
>                      (event-basic-type repeat-repeat-char))
>               (equal (event-modifiers evt)
>                      (event-modifiers repeat-repeat-char))))
> The Bookmark+ files are these (load in this order, after 
> loading std library bookmark.el):
> bookmark+-mac.el
> bookmark+-bmu.el
> bookmark+-1.el
> bookmark+-lit.el
> bookmark+.el
> You can find the Bookmark+ files here (Emacs Wiki Elisp area):

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