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bug#4559: temacs core dump when compiling emacs under solaris

From: Mandalemula, Rajesh
Subject: bug#4559: temacs core dump when compiling emacs under solaris
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:53:51 +0530

I faced the same issue on Solaris 10 x86 while building a 64-bit emacs.  Eventually, it turned out to be a wrong build host (guessed by config.guess) causing the segfault.
<<<< from config.guess >>>>
    i86pc:SunOS:5.*:* | i86xen:SunOS:5.*:*)
        eval $set_cc_for_build
        # If there is a compiler, see if it is configured for 64-bit objects.
        # Note that the Sun cc does not turn __LP64__ into 1 like gcc does.
        # This test works for both compilers.
        if [ "$CC_FOR_BUILD" != 'no_compiler_found' ]; then
            if (echo '#ifdef __amd64'; echo IS_64BIT_ARCH; echo '#endif') | \
                (CCOPTS= $CC_FOR_BUILD -E - 2>/dev/null) | \
                grep IS_64BIT_ARCH >/dev/null
        echo ${SUN_ARCH}-pc-solaris2`echo ${UNAME_RELEASE}|sed -e 's/[^.]*//'`
<<<< from config.guess >>>>
config.guess sets SUN_ARCH to ‘x86_64’ only if preprocessor defines ‘__amd64’ - however, the config.guess script does not use the CFLAGS passed (which actually sets -m64) for this preprocessor check and hence the build host is not set correctly.
Passing an explicit “--build=x86_64-pc-solaris2.10” to the configure script or setting CC=”<compiler> -m64” solves the issue.
Hope this helps.
Thanks.  Rajesh

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