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bug#7019: 23.2; [PATCH] fix bugs in diary/appt

From: Leo
Subject: bug#7019: 23.2; [PATCH] fix bugs in diary/appt
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 07:42:50 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.2 (Mac OS X 10.6.4)

On 2010-09-14 01:26 +0100, Glenn Morris wrote:
> Leo wrote:
>> The doc string of diary-list-entries says the return list is sorted,
> Where does it say that? Oh, I guess you might mean:
>   Returns a list of all relevant diary entries found, if any, in order
>   by date.
> Which is true unless include files are involved. Note it does not mean
> that entries are also sorted by time of day. I don't think sorting by
> default is the right solution. I might just mention in the docs that
> if include files are used, the order will day order for the entries
> from any given file, then by the order in which the include files were
> processed. Some people might want it that way (eg not sorted by time
> of day), and those who don't are probably aready using
> diary-sort-entries. The fact that the entries are in day order is
> really just a consequence of how the code is implemented, rather than
> a deliberate choice.
>> (add-hook 'diary-list-entries-hook 'diary-sort-entries) is not
>> guaranteed to work unless that is the very last function to run.
> OK, I think that should just be pointed out in the docs.
> (The manual sort of does this without being explicit.)
>> appt-make-list replies on sorted diary entries to work.
> Looks like it relies on them being sorted in _day_ order, but not in
> _time_ order within any given day. Again, this is true unless include
> files are involved. I guess this is why nobody noticed till now. I'll
> fix that somehow.

Sorry I should be more explicit. I meant date order in all of them. I
think emacs should try its best not to miss any appointments recorded in
it. For example, diary-list-entries-hook is user level variable, so
anything could happen to it, say someone accidentally adds a function
that shuffles diary-entry-list and that could screw up appt.


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