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bug#7088: `copy-tree' of a vector copy sharing structure.with original

Subject: bug#7088: `copy-tree' of a vector copy sharing structure.with original
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 01:19:13 -0400

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 4:41 PM, David De La Harpe Golden
<address@hidden> wrote:
> On 23/09/10 06:28, MON KEY wrote:
>> (let ((orig [[a b] [c d] [e f] [g h]])
>>       new-cp)
>>   (setq new-cp (copy-tree orig))
> Some people would have at least considered a quick C-h f copy-tree
> before filing a bug?
> You're missing the VECP arg to emacs lisp copy-tree.

(let ((orig '((a . b) [c d] [e f] [g h]))
  (setq new-cp (copy-tree orig))
  (string-equal (elt (elt (prog1 orig
                            (aset (elt new-cp 1) 0 "bubba")) 1)
;=> t

The VECP arg wasn't needed in order to copy the vector only to prevent the copy
from sharing structure... This isn't at all clear in the docs.

(let ((orig [(a . b) [c d] [e f] [g h]])
  (setq new-cp (copy-tree orig t))
  (string-equal (cdr (elt (prog1 orig
                       (setf (cdr (elt new-cp 0)) "bubba"))
;=> nil

> Without that, emacs lisp copy-tree is, much like common lisp copy-tree,
> documented to copy trees of _conses_.   Conses do of course look pretty like
> 2 element vectors, but they are a separate datatype in emacs lisp.
OK. Thank you for taking the time to clarify this.
I read the doc 3 or 4 times and glanced at the sources and it wasn't
clear what the intent of the VECP (a non-predicate BTW) is intended to

Maybe a copy-vector would be better instead of lumping the datatypes together.

Anyhow,  sorry for the noise.


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