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bug#7146: (make-symbol "") issues

From: Frank
Subject: bug#7146: (make-symbol "") issues
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2010 21:44:00 -0600
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Chong Yidong schrieb:

Frank <address@hidden> writes:

Well I further found out that you have to actually (byte-compile-file)
the above code in order for the bug to show up; compiling via
(compile-defun) seems to work OK;

I can't reproduce this.  Could you detail the *exact* steps you took,
starting with `emacs -Q'?  Your description is too vague.

1) Start `emacs -Q'
2) Load the file bug.el into a buffer via the menu
3) <M-x> byte-compile-file
4) <M-x> load-file bug.elc
5) <C-x b> *scratch*
6) (foo) *** emacs crashes or foo returns some odd number ***

(disassemble 'foo) looks like this (done between point 5 and 6)

byte code for foo:
 args: nil
0    constant  (message "Hello World!")
1    constant  (out-of-range 2)
2 catch 3 dup 4 varbind :eof
5    constant  (message "Hello World!")
6 eq 7 not 8 goto-if-nil-else-pop 1
11    varref      :eof
12:1    unbind      1
13 return
I attached the file I used for testing this and also it's byte compilation

Attachment: bug.elc
Description: Binary data

(defmacro bar (&rest body)
 (let ((v (make-symbol "")))         ; Crashes with "" as name.
   `(let ((,v (catch :eof

      (when (not (eq ,v :eof))

(defun foo ()
 (bar (message "Hello World!")))

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