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bug#7196: 24.0.50; NEWS item "Selection changes"

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#7196: 24.0.50; NEWS item "Selection changes"
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 08:52:52 -0700

1. Also, the NEWS item should make clear just what has changed for which
platforms.  What it says currently is incomplete and inaccurate.  For example:

* "`x-select-enable-clipboard' now defaults to t."  That is _not_ a change for
Windows - nothing new.

* "`x-select-enable-primary' now defaults to nil."  That variable does not even
exist on Windows.  Clarify that this is specific to platforms ___.

2. When saying that the new value of something is ___, you need to also say what
the old value was.  That's what describing a change means: saying what is new
includes saying what the difference is from what was old.

Users or libraries might have done something conditionally based on the old
value.  They need to know about the change so they can decide what to do about
the new value.  This is especially true for key bindings - for example,
"`mouse-2' is now bound to `mouse-yank-primary'".  Yes, but what was `mouse-2'
bound to before?

Imagine that a user or a library remapped `mouse-yank-at-click', the old default
binding for `mouse-2'.  If `mouse-yank-primary' is now the default binding, then
the remapping is longer effective.  At least make the user aware of the change,
so s?he can decide whether to remap the new default command just as s?he
remapped the old default command.

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