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bug#7221: timestamp in cvs-quickdir on Win32 system

From: Rolf Unger
Subject: bug#7221: timestamp in cvs-quickdir on Win32 system
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 13:14:41 +0200

I realized that the cvs-quickdir command always returned MODIFIED for the
state of the files under CVS when running this on MS Win2k. At some time
I was using cvs-quickdir on a Linux box and was suprised that the results
were correct on Linux.

I inspected this a bit closer and figured out that the problem is in the
pcvs-info.el:cvs-fileinfo-from-entries function. Comparing the file
attributes time with the timestamp from the CVS/Entries file seems to
compare two different formats.

 (setq timestamp (format-time-string "%c" mtime 'utc))

seems to be the problem. I experimented a bit with the format-time-string
and found out that the "%c" format specifier is not robust on Win32

 (insert (concat "\n" (format-time-string "%c" (current-time) t)))

gives me after:

 (setq system-time-locale nil):  15.10.2010 10:45:44

 (setq system-time-locale "C"):  10/15/10 10:44:52

The first one picks up my locale settings from the OS and is the common
german format. But only the second one is relevant for cvs-quickdir.

If I use a detailed format string "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Y" I get the date
string in a format that matches what is used in CVS/Entries.
I tested this on both systems Win32 (with GNU Emacs 22.3 and 23.2) and
Linux (only 22.2) ... can't say anything about Solaris, though.

For pcvs-info.el from GNU Emacs 23.2 I have

;; arch-tag: d85dde07-bdc2-400a-882f-92f398c7b0ba

at the end of the file. Can't find a cvs-version variable, though?


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