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bug#7231: 23.3; Don't rebuild buffer list in iswitchb-visit-buffer

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#7231: 23.3; Don't rebuild buffer list in iswitchb-visit-buffer
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 12:13:08 -0400
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>> I was about to install that change when I realized that this is
>> fundamentally not the right approach: since some of the buffers may have
>> changed name, the new list of matching buffers may be different (some
>> buffers that didn't match before may match now and vice-versa).
>> So iswitchb-make-buflist is more correct.  To deal with the problem of
>> ordering, we'll need to combine the two: call iswitchb-make-buflist to
>> get the new list of matches, and then use bufobjs to sort the new
>> iswitchb-buflist.

> My understanding seems to be:

> iswitchb-buflist already contains all buffers needed although its order
> can be modified by iswitchb-next/prev-match. That modified ordering info
> is lost after iswitchb-make-buflist. There may be new matches appearing
> due to buffer name changes but this is taken care of automatically by
> iswitchb-exhibit.

I see, so iswitchb-buflist contains all buffers, not just the ones that
match the current input?
In that case, my concern is indeed a non-issue and your patch
looks fine.  Please install it.


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