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bug#6967: flymake not cleaning after itself (kill-buffer)

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: bug#6967: flymake not cleaning after itself (kill-buffer)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 13:14:38 -0400
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S Boucher <address@hidden> writes:

> flymake-kill-buffer-hook does not actually kill the flymake process.
> So, if flymake is used in conjunction with semantic, it gets
> problematic.
> When semantic does background parsing, it may find-file/kill-buffer
> for files not already in memory.  If semantic proceeds to kill-buffer
> while a flymake process is running, then a window pops up asking
> whether the buffer's process should be killed (because kill-buffer
> asks before killing processes).
> It seems like flymake-kill-buffer-hook should kill the buffer, so that
> by the time semantic calls kill-buffer, there won't be a process to
> query about.

It would be wrong for flymake-kill-buffer-hook to kill the buffer,
because there may be other functions on the hook that may need to
examine the buffer state.

The problem here seems to be that when Semantic visits files to parse
them, Flymake is enabled when it should not.  I'm guessing you are using
flymake-find-file-hook, is that correct?

Maybe the solution is for Semantic to either avoid using
find-file[-noselect], or detect if Flymake is on and disable it for
files that are only being parsed temporarily.  Eric, what do you think?

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