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bug#7296: display-pixel-height not enough

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#7296: display-pixel-height not enough
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 10:48:01 -0700

> So what are the objections to this (my original suggestion) at this
> point?  To be 100% clear, I suggest:
>   . on w32, return the dimensions sans the reserved part(s)
>   . on other GUI platforms, no change from the current behavior

Hardly 100% clear.  Are you talking about changing the behavior of
`display-pixel-height' or defining a new function to do that?

You refer to your "original suggestion".  Do you mean this suggestion:

>> Wouldn't it make more sense for display-pixel-height/width
>> to return the height available for display?


>> "Available" means it does not include portions that are not
>> usable by any window.

If so, that sounds like a proposal to change the meaning/behavior of the
function.  I, for one, object to that (see the thread).

I have no objection to your defining a new function that does that (or anything
else), however.

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