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bug#7190: Crash in menus on w32

From: grischka
Subject: bug#7190: Crash in menus on w32
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 23:40:26 +0100
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Glenn Morris wrote:
grischka wrote:

I will not assign my copyright to someone else however I do not claim
copyright for this patch.

Would you be willing to sign a copyright disclaimer to put this change
in the public domain?

(You seem to be saying that, but we need a signed piece of paper to
that effect to be able to use it.)

Yes, I was saying that because to me there was no content with
copyright really.  If you say there is then I do not disclaim it.

Note that giving up my copyright (if any) would allow you to bypass
the GPL with the patch.  As it is based on code that I received
under GPL myself, this is not possible.

--- grischka

(It sounds like this may be being discussed off-list.)

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