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bug#7269: bug #7269: 24.0.50; opening a file via emacsclient -c <file> m

From: Alain Knaff
Subject: bug#7269: bug #7269: 24.0.50; opening a file via emacsclient -c <file> moves the mouse cursor to, the top left of the frames buffer.
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 22:40:15 +0100
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On 11/13/2010 10:31 PM, Lennart Borgman wrote:
> As I said I know of no exception on w32. All applications I can think
> of right now grabs focus when you call them from the command line (or
> from Windows Explorer).

Ok, but if I really liked this braindead behavior, I'd actually use
Windows, rather than Linux. And I'd probably use Notepad too rather than
Emacs :-)

So why exactly is Emacs trying to force Windows down everybody's throat?
Emacs, of all software! The flagship of the GNU movement! The mind

Maybe, in emacs this behavior could be made conditional on running on

> Maybe this is dependent on the window manager used?

I use KDE.

I don't believe this is a window manager issue... if that was the case,
wouldn't all applications behave the same way?

> What happens if you launch a program from the command line without a
> file name argument? Does the application get focus?

No, of course not.

Unless it just happens to pop up in front of the mouse.

And this has been the case with other Window managers as well, even
before KDE. Even in mwm, twm, fvwm, applications didn't steal focus
willy-nilly. I don't know for sure about Gnome, I don't use Gnome very
often, but I guess I would have noticed if this was the case...

> (On w32 they do
> get focus.)

... and that's one of the zillion reasons why I don't use w32... :-)


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