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bug#7425: 23.2.90; buffer menu in meun-bar not updating

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#7425: 23.2.90; buffer menu in meun-bar not updating
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 10:16:37 +0100
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2010-11-17 22:21, Glenn Morris skrev:

Associated Ubuntu bug:


(I have no idea if this an Emacs problem or a problem in `appmenu-gtk'.)

When appmenu is in effect, the menu bar reports wanted height 0 after Emacs has told it to show itself. It is not until it is mapped that it reports the correct size, but currently we don't look for that. So Emacs thinks the menu bar is 0 height so no clicks are detected as for the menu bar, and the buffer menu (and others) does not get updated. This is in Emacs 23 as well.

But if appmenu shows the menu elsewhere (it purpose is to take the application meny and show it elsewhere, in the panel a'la OSX for example), Emacs receives no clicks whatsoever, and then the buffer menu can never be updated in the way it is done today.

So either we must update menus differently (i.e. not on click) or detect that the menu is about to activate in a different way.

Appmenu seems like a hack, it does not get the Emacs menus right (keyboard shortcuts omitted, see screen shots), it messes with reported widget sizes, it swallows clicks, it hangs X if you try to take a screen shot of the menus in the panels, it does not in anyway (unmap/map, realize, other event) tell the application if the menu has been moved from the panel to the app or vice versa. And this is after a half hours use...

        Jan D.

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