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bug#7408: Linux patchutils: Development of the project?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#7408: Linux patchutils: Development of the project?
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 08:39:37 -0500
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> Is the explanation (I'm not familiar with the history) that at the time
> cl.el was added there was no dolist in core Emacs, so there was no
> perceived need to call it dolist* as in other similar cases (mapcar*,
> defun* etc)? (In that case my sincere disdain would go for the person
> who introduced dolist into subr.el later without addressing the naming
> clash.)

AFAIK subr.el's dolist and dotimes are 100% compatible with
CL's definition.  Of course, if you want to call `return' in there,
you'll need to define `return', which is only provided by CL so you need
to (require 'cl).

I'd reconsider it only if someone can show me reasonable code that works
without error both with CL loaded and without CL loaded and yet returns
different results.


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