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bug#7771: 23.1; can't turn off font-lock-mode globally

From: K. Richard Pixley
Subject: bug#7771: 23.1; can't turn off font-lock-mode globally
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2011 22:52:29 -0800
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On 20110102 21:34, Stefan Monnier wrote:
It's not a question of preference.  I literally cannot discern the
characters on the screen when font lock is on.
Here are the known cases for this kind of problem:
- Your screen's colors are off-base.  Some possible cases are if you're
   running within an xterm whose color palette is more limited than usual
   or is somehow different from what Emacs expects.
- Emacs mis-identifies your background color and chooses the
   light-background set of colors rather than the dark-background set
   (or vice-versa).
   In this case, customizing frame-background-mode may help.
- Your vision is impaired.

I assumed you were in the third case, but maybe not.
I'm probably in both of the last two and also a fourth.

I'm still setting emacs colors in Xdefaults having put some time investment into making that work some years ago. It hadn't occurred to me that they might be interacting.

The fourth category is cognitive. I am not neuro-typical. Most color schemes just seem annoying to me. Thunderbird's use of color works for me, eg, but M-x grep, M-x compile, and all of the font locked editing modes I've seen do not. Color coding is difficult for me. Numbers are much easier.

I'll try to find some time later this week to invest in coming up to speed with what's available now. Maybe I can help.


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