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bug#7771: 23.1; can't turn off font-lock-mode globally

From: K. Richard Pixley
Subject: bug#7771: 23.1; can't turn off font-lock-mode globally
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2011 13:30:48 -0800
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On 20110103 13:02, Lennart Borgman wrote:
On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 9:39 PM, Eli Zaretskii<address@hidden>  wrote:
Btw, do you dislike _all_ colored text in Emacs, or only font-lock?
There are faces Emacs uses that are not related to font-lock at all,
like the "buttons" in *Help* buffers, the minibuffer prompts, the
special face for the part of file-name you type in the minibuffer that
will be ignored because it is before the "//", etc.  Then there are
colors not related to text, e.g. the fringes.  Do you want a feature
to turn all of those off, or just the font-lock faces?
Regarding my proposal: Eli, your question is good, just adding a
point. I would expect it to be only face colors that are the problem,
but I am not sure. Richard?
For me, it's gratuitous use of color, (the effect is not unlike a mix of sTudLy CAps with i VIs Ch cTe ), and non-contrasting colors, (of which there are more for some people than others).

The buttons I've seen in the last two days had no color difference from the rest of the text in the popup.

The minibuffer prompts, as I recall, appear to be dimmed, not colored, (although that may just be clever use of color), and largely remove bits of no interest anyway. (Didn't the minibuffer used to clear on "//" rather than even showing the previous text?).

I have no complaint or problem with dimmed or bolded. Dimmed certainly could become illegible if it were sufficiently dim, but it seems to be fine in most cases. Unlike, say, dim yellow text on off white background which is essentially invisible. Or red on green background or yellow on blue, (or vice verse), which are completely invisible.

Most programmers aren't color experts. They just slap up what seem like contrasting colors to them without much thought to subjective experience, (color blindness, cognitive variance, environmental factors like X11 themeing), color set themeing, look-and-feel coordination, pleasing presentation, etc.

Thunderbird uses color and I find their use of color constructive.

It's low/no contrast color and "bad" use of color to which I object, (and 95% of color uses are "bad", ime).

I want the "bad" color to go away. And that seems to be primarily font-lock uses.

ps, for those who don't get it yet, my first sentence above was intended to mimic low/no contrast "studly caps with invisible characters".

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