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bug#7716: 23.2.91; Pretest Windows binary doesn't support PNG images

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#7716: 23.2.91; Pretest Windows binary doesn't support PNG images
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 11:19:38 -0800

> You need to download a newer version of libpng.
> You will find libpng 1.4.x here:
>   http://www.gtk.org/download-windows.html
> With this newer version, PNG support should work.  You may need to
> restart Emacs, though (but I'm not sure, so try without first).

Works fine; thanks!


1. This stuff is not obvious.
2. Consider updating GNUWin32 or asking them to update the site.
3. The README.W32 mentions the site you just cited.  But it also
   mentions GnuWin32.  The README.W32 should make clear just what
   you need (which versions) and where to get it (all!).  Mention
   any considerations about versions such as what you described.
4. Emacs should also support *.ico files (MS Windows icon images).
   AFAIK, none of the downloads listed provide this support.
   Tassilo Horn suggested installing ImageMagick to get icon
   support, but I did that and it didn't work.  He has since said
   that he suspects that Emacs needs to built with ImageMagick
   present for this to work (icon support).

This should not be so complicated.  Windows users - above all other users (since
more Windows users are not programmers) - should be given a failsafe,
braindead-simple way to get images to work in Emacs.

Just one opinion.  Thx.

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