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bug#7611: 23.2; info-xref.el v.3

Subject: bug#7611: 23.2; info-xref.el v.3
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 17:26:31 -0500

> Is there a native equivalent to `remove-if' list filter by predicate?

More than one. Sshhhh! Keep these under your hat:

doc-view-remove-if lisp/doc-view.el
erc-remove-if-not  lisp/erc/erc-compat.el

> Were some of those coming into the core?

They're already distributed with Emacs core but no one advertises 'em
for fear that they'll get documented... And if that should happen
info-xref might _break_ under its own load what with trying to
disambiguate symbols xrefed in the cl manual node and the lispref
manual node! :P

If/when the ert.el package moves into core we may inherit these tasty
bits too:

`ert--cl-do-remf', `ert--remprop', `ert--remove-if-not',
`ert--intersection', `ert--set-difference', `ert--union',
`ert--gensym', `ert--remove*', `ert--mismatch', `ert--subseq',

Still, you needn't worry that myriad CL-feature redundancies are bad
for Emacs.  After all, having a single canonical well specified
implementation of commonly used lisp idioms is overrated. Then again,
maybe writing info-xref in Perl was not an option for you... :P


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