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bug#1770: 23.0.60; (message-check 'illegible-text ...) fails on eight-bi

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: bug#1770: 23.0.60; (message-check 'illegible-text ...) fails on eight-bit chars
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 18:55:18 -0800
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Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:

> As I wrote, non-Unicode characters are still not caught
> here.  But I'm not sure it's problem to be solved by
> message-fix-before-sending.  I have not yet got a reply to
> this question.

Ok.  Well, I think it may (or may not be) nice to warn users about
sending un-encodable bytes.  But they will most likely get a warning of
some kind, since there's probably other eight-bit-chars there, so I
think that's probably sufficient.  So I'm closing this report now,
unless anybody objects...

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  address@hidden * Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen

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