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bug#7962: 23.2; capitalize / ISO 8859 / UNIBYTE / utf-8 backward compati

From: Emmanuel Bigler
Subject: bug#7962: 23.2; capitalize / ISO 8859 / UNIBYTE / utf-8 backward compatibility
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 09:22:14 +0100
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Le 04/02/2011 09:09, Emmanuel Bigler a écrit :
Now the last test is to enter fresh letters in 2-byte, capitalize them,
do not switch bak to unibyet display, save the file, exits emacs,  and
see what happens when re-loaded/displayed as unibyte.

I just did this test.

After loading the old unibyte file, toggling 2-byte display on, I entered freshly typed letters with a diacritic sign. Did not toggle back to unibyte, and saved buffer - killed emacs. Re-loaded emacs <myfile> ; note that in my .emacs I have nothing to force emacs to be unibyte. The results is that old unibyte letters are displayed correctly, new 2-bytes letters appear 2-byte. Hence emacs is smart enough to stay unibyte when he starts reading unibyte code. Nothing is lost : *great*. However, new letters added at the end of the file in the previous 2-byte session show as 2-byte in unibyte displayed, and were stored as 2-byte when stores under the "2-byte display" setting. Nothing but normal, after all.

However mixing 2-byte an 1-byte code is definitely something annoying to me.

Hence I'll probably stay 100% unibyte until emacs forces me to be "modern" ;-)


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