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bug#8039: appt-add problems

From: Hobbit
Subject: bug#8039: appt-add problems
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 23:58:38 +0200

How to repair appointments in Emacs? E.g. 2 problems (case 2. when there are no 
notification at deadline and with "app't in % min" indicator which shows 
incorrect time). 

Just for example I run "emacs -q" and evaluate in *scratch* buffer next 
settings (usually I use .emacs, of course):

 appt-message-warning-time 5
 appt-display-mode-line t)
(appt-activate 1)

When I add notifications on such time I get:
1. current_time + 1 minute - Emacs shows notification in correct time;
2. current_time + 6 minutes - shows two notifications, one before 5 minutes and 
second before 2 minutes to deadline (in time, 0 minutes to deadline, - nothing 
comes up).

At the same time in Mode Line "App't in % min" shows time, which is 
current_time - 1 minute (if there are 3 minutes to deadline it shows only 2). 
What's surprising is that in clock (which is (display-time)'s work) time is 
correct (like address@hidden date] displays).

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